We believe our artist should be spending their time creating - focusing on what they have passion for and do best.  Meanwhile we focus on the business and structural logistics to make them as successful as possible.

Our agency works on an international level, providing a valuable asset that specializes in providing comprehensive and individually tailored management services to some of the premier contemporary artist in the world. We provide support for Communication, Logistics, Invoicing, Taxes, Exhibitions, Projects, Public Art, PR, Marketing and Public/Private Commissions.

Our consultation comes from years of experiences.  We have constructed a central hub that incites and cultivate the right mixture of innovative creativity.  Our global networks is sewn together with curators, agencies, collectors, galleries, partners, publishers, institutions, NGOs, distributors and more.  This establishes a sustainable revenue stream for our artist with future growth and success.

LaNori is an international art management agency working and representing premier contemporary artist. 

LaNori is an international art management agency working and representing premier contemporary artist.

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LaNori  Representing Contemporary Artists