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His focus on aesthetic subject matter has been developed through his specialized experience in prepress print techniques. Addison's years in printmaking helped develop a strong relationship within the process of technical color utilization and the mechanics of reproduction through analogue printing.  Taking the fundamentals of drawing and choosing "hatch-lines" as the catalyst to build up value range and color families as the primary focus.  Pulling together the concept of "trapping" layers of color beneath to aid in the depth of his work.  And using the physical movements of printing to paint large bodies of color meanwhile building up natural texture and form.

The fine controlled hatch-­lines create simultaneously diminutive constructions that, when viewed together, unfold and evolve dependent on the physical position of the viewer. Color groups & concepts are explored using theories of parallelism, the bezold effect, impressionist and chaos philosophies developed by numerous artists and philosophers throughout history.


2016, November: Carina Mural - Le M.U.R. – Paris, France

2016, September: Purple Rain – with Jarus - Art Beltline – Atlanta, Georgia
2016, June-July: Doradus Mural/Installation – Denver Regional Transportation – Denver, Colorado
2016, April: "What The Weekend Is Gallery" Exhibition – The.Art.Union at Urban Spree – Berlin, Germany

2015, October: Messier Mural – TWIF – artSEA – Seattle, Washington
2015, September: Nova Mural – Spokane Arts Mural Program – Spokane, Washington
2015, September: Made In Berlin Exhibition – Galerie Mathgoth – Paris, France

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