LaNori © 2016

LaNori © 2016

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Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, is an Visual Artist originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin.  With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he's is obsessed with words and hand-drawn type compositions.

Rylsee spent a year living in the Vancouver East side working at REDGATE as a designer, curator and co-organiser of art shows and cultural events. Afterwards he spent 4 months exploring São Paulo, Brazil.  He has worked for a variety of local and international companies on branding, promotion, and in-store display installations.

His art has been featured and exhibited in Switzerland, France, U.S.A, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, Vancouver and São Paulo. Inspired by moments of everyday life, the city, and signage, he is interested in expressing mundane situations and places in a satirical way.  Rylsee is currently an artist resident at URBAN SPREE , an art and cultural space in the heart of Berlin.

August 2016 - Fragment: Typography deconstructed - POCKO gallery, LONDON
July 2016 - Festival De Arte Urbano - LIRA gallery - Santiago de Chile, CHILE
June 2016 - Winner Factory - THE SQUARE gallery - Geneva, SWITZERLAND

November 2015 - L'Epicerie Depoto (creation of a whole fake convenient store) - HIGH LIGHT gallery - Geneva, SWITZERLAND
October 2015 - Knotenpunkt art festival - Affenfaust gallery- Hamburg, GERMANY
September 2015 - Made in Berlin - MATHGOTH gallery - Paris, FRANCE

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LaNori © 2016

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